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A. All connections and or modifications to the sewer system are subject to review and inspection by the director, engineer or their designee. All reviews and inspections will be subject to a fee in the amount set forth in Chapter 2.50 of this code.

B. All sewer lines constructed by any property owner outside the boundaries of any utility local improvement district shall be constructed and installed at the sole expense of the property owner under the supervision of the city and after installation such sewer lines, other than building sewers, from the structure of the property line shall be conveyed to the city free and clear of all liens and encumbrances, together with duly executed and acknowledged easements for all portions of such sewer lines located upon private property, all at no cost to the city. The cost of the city supervision shall be paid for by the property owner. The property owner shall furnish the city recorded drawings covering such sewer lines so constructed and installed. (Ord. 947-04 § 2).