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The purpose of this title is to regulate the subdivision and short platting of land and the adjustment of boundary lines and to promote the public health, safety and general welfare in accordance with standards established under state law, city ordinances, the city comprehensive plan, and the policies of the council to:

A. Prevent the overcrowding of land and undue congestion of population;

B. Promote effective use of land and the safe and convenient travel by the public on streets and highways;

C. Provide the most beneficial relationship between uses of land and buildings and the circulation of traffic throughout the community, with particular regard to the avoidance of congestion in the streets and highways and the pedestrian traffic movements appropriate to various uses of land and buildings, and provide for the proper location and width of streets and building lines, and provide for proper ingress and egress;

D. Prevent the pollution of air, streams, ponds and wetlands, assure the adequacy of drainage facilities, safeguard the water table, and encourage the wise use and management of natural resources throughout the community in order to preserve the integrity, stability, and beauty of the community and value of the land;

E. Provide for adequate light and air and privacy, secure safety from fire, flood and other dangers;

F. Facilitate adequate provision for water, sewerage, parks and recreation areas, sites for schools and school grounds and other public requirements;

G. Provide for the expeditious review and approval of proposed subdivisions, short subdivisions and lot line adjustments, which conform to zoning standards and local plans and policies;

H. Adequately provide for the housing and commercial needs of the citizens of the city and encourage the orderly and beneficial development of the community through appropriate growth management techniques assuring the timing and sequencing of development and promotion of infill development in existing neighborhoods and nonresidential areas with adequate public facilities;

I. Require uniform monumenting of land subdivisions and conveyancing by accurate legal description;

J. Assure proper urban form and open space separation of urban areas;

K. Protect environmentally critical areas and areas premature for urban development;

L. Protect and conserve the value of land throughout the community and the value of buildings and improvements upon the land, and minimize the conflicts among the uses of land and buildings;

M. Establish reasonable standards of design and procedures for subdivision and redivision in order to further the orderly layout and use of land;

N. Ensure that public facilities and services are available concurrent with development and will have a sufficient capacity to serve the proposed subdivision and that the community will be required to bear no more than its fair share of the cost of providing facilities and services, through requiring the developer to pay fees, furnish land, or establish mitigation measures to ensure that the development provides its fair share of capital facilities needs generated by the development; and

O. Preserve the natural beauty and topography of the community and ensure appropriate development with regard to these natural features. (Ord. 1190-21 § 2 (Exh. A), 2021; Ord. 1016-08 § 2).