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A. All surveying and monumentation shall be performed in accordance with Chapter 58.09 RCW and city requirements.

B. Permanent Control Monuments. Permanent control monuments shall be established at:

1. All controlling corners on the boundaries of the subdivision or short subdivision;

2. The intersections of centerlines of roads within and adjacent to the subdivisions or short subdivisions;

3. At the angle points and the beginning and ends of curves on centerlines;

4. All block corners; and

5. The city may also require the boundaries of any delineated critical area to be surveyed and permanently marked in accordance with the city’s monumentation standards.

Areas subject to flooding shall include the elevation of the top of the monument.

C. Registered Land Surveyor. All surveys and the preparation of a plat shall be made by or under the supervision of a registered land surveyor who shall certify on the plat that it is a true and correct representation of the lands actually surveyed.

D. Computations – Notes. The surveyor shall furnish the city engineer with a full set of survey notes, which notes shall clearly show:

1. The ties to each permanent monument;

2. At least three durable, distinctive reference points or monuments;

3. Sufficient data to determine readily the bearing and length of each line;

4. The base meridian referred to.

E. A traverse of the boundaries of a subdivision and all lots and blocks shall close within one foot in five thousand feet, as required by Chapter 332-130 WAC.

F. Primary survey control points shall be referenced to section corners and monuments, and corners of adjoining subdivisions, or portions of subdivisions, shall be identified and ties shown.

G. Permanent control monuments may be placed on the offset lines. The position and type of every permanent monument shall be noted on all plats of the subdivision. Permanent control monuments shall be of a type approved by the city engineer.

H. Permanent control monuments within the streets shall be set after the streets are graded. In the event a final plat is approved before streets are graded, the bond or other surety provided to provide for grading shall be sufficient to pay the costs of setting the monuments estimated by the city engineer.

I. Each lot corner shall be marked by a three-quarter-inch galvanized iron pipe, twenty-four inches in length, or approved equivalent, driven into the ground and set with C cap per the requirements of RCW 58.19.120.

J. Property Contiguous to Water. If any land in a subdivision is contiguous to a body of water, a meander line shall be established or reestablished along the shore at a safe distance back from the ordinary high water mark. The line shall be shown on the face of the drawing and permanently marked in accordance with the city’s monumentation standards. Property lying below and beyond the meander line shall be defined by distance along the side property lines extended from the meander line. If the thread of a stream lies within a subdivision or forms the boundary of a subdivision, such thread shall be defined by bearings and distances as they exist at the time of the survey.

K. Surveying and Monumentation. In order to ensure the establishment and preservation of land surveys, and ensure accurate and consistent standards and procedures for surveying and monumentation, the following requirement shall apply: Any monument or other permanent survey markers disturbed by construction or other activities shall be reestablished in accordance with the requirements contained in this section. (Ord. 1190-21 § 2 (Exh. A), 2021; Ord. 1016-08 § 2).