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A. Purpose. The purpose of this section is to permit residential units as a supplemental use to the permitted retail/commercial uses. Heavy commercial planned unit developments (HCPUDs) are intended to encourage the maximum retail development of a parcel by supplementing the potential of the site with housing opportunities. This provision is not to be used to substitute residential use for the primary commercial use.

B. Permitted Uses.

1. Residential uses as a supplement to retail commercial uses where steep grade does not permit commercial uses.

2. Residential uses above a commercial use or terraced into grade.

3. Uses which complement the retail commercial use.

4. Height restrictions may be modified to take advantage of the site parameters.

C. Permit Authority. All proposals submitted under this section will require:

1. A preliminary concept meeting with city staff.

2. A public hearing before the planning commission.

3. A recommendation from the planning commission to the city council.

4. The city council shall have final authority to approve (with or without) modifications or deny the permit.

5. Conditional use fees shall apply. (Ord. 1190-21 § 2, 2021; Ord. 965-05 § 7).