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All banks, savings and loan associations, food dispensing establishments, and other businesses which maintain drive-in facilities which are intended to serve customers who remain in their motor vehicles during business transactions, or are designed in such a manner that customers must leave their automobiles temporarily in a driving lane located adjacent to the facility, shall provide stacking space for the stacking of motor vehicles as follows:

A. Stacking Space. A stacking space shall be an area measuring nine feet by twenty feet with direct forward access to a service window of a drive-in facility. A stacking space shall be located to prevent any vehicles from extending onto the public right-of-way, or interfering with any pedestrian circulation, traffic maneuvering, or other parking space areas. Stacking spaces for drive-in uses may not be counted as required parking spaces.

B. Uses providing drive-in services shall provide vehicle stacking spaces as follows:

1. For each drive-up window of a pharmacy or dry cleaning laundry, a minimum of three stacking spaces shall be provided;

2. For each drive-up window of a bank/financial institution, business service, or other drive-in use not listed, a minimum of five stacking spaces shall be provided; and

3. For each service window of a drive-in restaurant, a minimum of seven stacking spaces shall be provided.

C. Drive-in facilities are not permitted between a building and a street.

D. Drive-in facilities that have negative traffic impacts on adjacent roads and/or businesses may require additional traffic controls at the drive-in businesses’ expense.

E. Where drive-in facilities are located adjacent to a through lane; the drive-in facility shall be constructed of different material than the through lane or a four- to five-foot planter strip shall be installed between the through lane and the drive-in lane.

F. The city may require additional stacking lanes based on the applicant’s traffic impact assessment.

G. Shopping Centers. When located in a shopping center, drive-in facilities shall provide sufficient stacking space to handle peak business demands and shall not in any way obstruct the normal circulation pattern of the shopping center. (Ord. 1190-21 § 2, 2021; Ord. 817 § 2, 1996).