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Shared parking can be allowed when meeting the following standards and criteria, unless otherwise allowed by this code:

A. Shared parking agreements may be established to meet code-required off-street parking where site infeasibility or change of use, requiring additional off-street parking, would otherwise prohibit the development of property in the city of Algona.

B. One hundred percent of the required parking of any single land use may qualify for shared parking.

C. Required parking shall be based on:

1. The combined total of the required parking for the separate land uses; or

2. In the case when two or more land uses have distinctly different hours of operation (e.g., office and church), the land use that demands the greatest amount of parking.

D. Location. The shared parking facility shall be located within a five-hundred-foot radius of the off-site use.

E. The following minimum safety requirements shall be met:

1. There are sidewalks and paved pedestrian paths, including alleys between the shared parking facility and the land use using such shared parking facility.

2. There is adequate street and parking lot lighting to provide safe walking to the off-site facility.

F. The lot or part of a lot on which the parking is provided shall be legally encumbered by an easement or other means acceptable to the city to ensure continuous use of the parking facility.

1. Any such easement shall be recorded with the King County auditor so as to appear of record on the property title.

2. The city of Algona shall be named as a third party beneficiary to such easement, and the easement may not be released or terminated without the consent of the city. Release of the easement shall not be unreasonably withheld when one of the following conditions is met:

a. The land use requiring the shared parking facility, including any potential future use, is discontinued negating the parking need;

b. The Algona zoning code, as may be hereafter amended, does not require the shared parking facility for the associated land use;

c. Sufficient off-street parking is provided elsewhere meeting the provisions of this title; or

d. A parking demand study is prepared by a professional traffic engineer and submitted by the owner(s) demonstrating that the shared parking facility is unnecessary.

3. The easement shall contain a provision which indemnifies and holds the city harmless from any and all claims or damages relating to the operation or maintenance of the parking facility. The city of Algona shall be named as an intended third party beneficiary to the easement.

4. In the case of parking spaces being shared between two or more land uses having distinctly different hours of operation, such easement shall include the hours of operation being granted to each land use.

G. If sufficient parking is not provided, the use, or that portion of the use out of compliance, shall be terminated or the property owner(s) will be subject to city code enforcement. This requirement shall be established as a condition of approval for any uses relying on a shared parking agreement. (Ord. 1190-21 § 2, 2021).