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Lot coverage refers to the area of a lot which is covered/occupied by a roofed building or buildings, usually expressed in square feet or percentage of land on the lot.

A. Lot Coverage Calculation Details and Clarification.

1. The area measured horizontally at the outside of external walls or supporting members of all primary and accessory structures.

2. The roof overhang shall not be included in the lot coverage unless it exceeds two feet, in which case only the outer two feet is excluded from the calculation of lot coverage.

3. Open beams and lattice work without a roof are not considered part of the lot coverage.

4. Minor appurtenances such as bay windows, chimneys and trim not extending more than two feet from the primary wall, and not extending the enclosed floor area, do not count in lot coverage.

5. Covered porches or decks that are not enclosed, are less than one hundred twenty square feet in footprint and are less than forty-two inches above grade do not count as lot coverage.

6. For lots which share an access easement (e.g., for a shared drive) the easement may be counted as lot area for the purpose of lot coverage calculation for the lot on which the easement is placed. (Ord. 1190-21 § 2, 2021).