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A. The license of a side sewer contractor may be revoked by the city council, or temporarily suspended by the director until the next meeting of the city council, for any one of the following causes:

1. Fraud or misrepresentation in applying for or maintaining the license;

2. Failure to observe the rules and regulations of the city, relating to building sewers and side sewer contractors;

3. Failure to pay for labor or materials used in the construction of building sewers;

4. Fraud or misrepresentation to the owner, occupant, agent, or representative thereof for the purpose of obtaining a contract for construction of a building sewer, or during the course of work done pursuant to such a contract, and including the failure to adhere to the standard side sewer contract;

5. Failure to correct work or pay any default covered by the guaranty in the standard side sewer contract;

6. Failure to pay for work performed by the director or the city or caused to be performed thereby for which the contractor may be liable;

7. Failure to maintain or when requested prove the maintenance of, the surety bond and insurance required to be maintained by ordinance.

B. Prior to the meeting of the city council when action or revocation of a license will be taken, the contractor shall be notified and shall be afforded an opportunity to be heard by the city council at that meeting. If the license is revoked, or suspended, the contractor must cease any building sewer construction work being performed by him within the city. (Ord. 947-04 § 2).